A Chrome extension which can perform per-tab zooming

Zooming through the popup windowYou can zoom in and out, and reset to the default zooming ratio, and the current zooming ratio is displayed in the middle. You can choose if the zooming ratio for the current tab will affect other tabs from the same web site, or just the current tab, or apply the per-path zooming ratio defined in the "Per-Path" page in the options page.If you choose "Tabs from the same site", the zooming ratio of the current tab will affect all other "Tabs from the same site" tabs from the same site immediately.
Choose your favorite default zooming mode and methodIn the options page, you can choose the default zooming mode and method of every newly created tab.
Define your favorite per-path zooming ratioFor example, all pages under http://www.wtoolkit.com/projects/wzoom/ will be zoomed to 130%, and all pages under http://www.wtoolkit.com/projects/wdict/ will be zoomed to 145%.
Advanced optionsYou can disable the "mousewheel + ctrl key" zooming operation.

Installfrom Chrome webstore